TNBA’s Alexandria Harris

Look around any gym Alexandria Harris happens to be in and she’s going to catch your eye.  At 6-2 and possessing a physically strong build, she’s the forward coaches love to work with.  Playing with TNBA out ofOhio, she continues to show all the potential and possibilities that have had recruiters looking her way the past couple of years.  Now entering her senior season she appears ready to provide the consistency and high impact play that will translate into top tier Division I basketball in the near future.  Her skills appear more refined while her decisions are much better read and made based on what she sees rather than her previous impulse attack.  There appears to be a much more aggressive approach at creating her own opportunities with solid cuts and a wide, low post up that defenders can only dream about getting around.  Harris has the speed to get out on the break but you hope first and foremost she’s the trigger with a strong effort on the defensive boards.  On the defensive end she still tends to defend after the catch rather than taking away options but more advanced and mature competition will force her to make that change or take a seat on the bench.



Alexandria being interviewed for a Kentucky TV station.

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