Teams/AAU at the National Basketball Academy

AAU/Teams at the National Basketball Academy

We have numerous different teams that compete at every level, from youth recreation to premier AAU competition. No matter what your skill or commitment levels are, we have a team that suits you. We select all our coaches to guarantee you will improve as a player and have a great experience. Our teams have quickly become a respected force in the basketball community as we have had growing success since the beginning of our program. We hope that you will join us and help expand our winning reputation!

Upcoming 2013 Season AAU/Team Information

OH – Cleveland: East Side – Click here for information

OH – Cleveland: East Side Girls – Click here for information

OH – Cleveland: West Side – Click here for information

IN – Indianapolis area – Click here for information

TX – Houston area – Click here for information

NO – New Orleans area – Click here for information

FL - Orlando area – Click here for information

:  Basketball players today think that they are good if can they can shoot three pointers and dunk. Players want to play 5 on 5 all summer thinking this will make them better. Typical AAU teams are a great example of what is wrong with basketball today. Too many coaches are worried about just winning games and refuse to focus on the fundamentals of the game. The National Basketball Academy AAU teams will focus on improving the skills of each player during fundamental work at practice. At least half of each practice will be focused on teaching and improving the fundamental skills of each player. Our main goal in the program is to have each player leave the team with better skills than when they came and to know what they need to work on to become an even better player. The games are where they get a chance to practice the skills they are taught and of course we want to win as many games as we can.


Coaches: Coaches for these teams will be hand selected by the National Basketball Academy and will attend a clinic given by the Academy. The professional trainers from the Academy will be attending a number of practices to aid the coaches in skill development throughout the season. The coaches will be running and teaching a man-to-man defense and a motion offense to all teams. This offense and defense will give players great insight on how they should be playing all the time. If you are interested in coaching a team please call 216-378-0932.

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