Heart of Winthrop Eagles overcomes own cardiac trouble

Our friend and client, Reggie King has had quite the hurdle to overcome this year. Here’s his story (published on March 2, 2013  at HeraldOnline.com, written by Bret McCormick).

In early October, Reggie King should have been with his Winthrop men’s basketball teammates, wind-sprinting through the first weeks of his senior season. Instead, the 6-foot-2, 215-pound point guard was on an operating table, tubes snaking in and out of his body.

A heart arrhythmia had handcuffed his ability to hustle on the court and to jump-start his team by being an example in practice – King’s defining attributes on the hardwood. Because of the condition, teammates could place their hands on his chest and feel his heart pounding, churning like it was about to burst through the skin.

At the Cleveland Clinic operating room in October, doctors worked to correct the arrhythmia. It was just the latest in a life full of ordeals for King, who will suit up Saturday for his last home game at Winthrop.

But this ordeal was abnormal. His heart had never been called into question.

“What makes him who he is,” said former Winthrop coach Randy Peele, “is his heart.”

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