2013 Tristan Thompson Overnight Basketball Camp Recap

The Tristan Thompson Overnight Basketball Camp was a great success. The National Basketball Academy’s annual event was hosted this year at Baldwin Wallace University located in Berea, Ohio, July 7-11. Over 110 campers attended the Northeast Ohio event with attendees coming from all over Northeast Ohio, Cincinnati, Alaska, plus 27 players and coaches from Greece.

The camp week sure did go fast! The coaches had a great time teaching and playing basketball this week. The campers were quick to learn - everyone learned something new to help improve their game while having fun.

We added to the world’s collection of Harlem Shake Dance videos:

Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson was a hit with everyone. His question and answer session with the kids really was informative and insightful. This session has been uploaded to the web for those who want to re-hear it (or hear it for the first time).

Listen to Part 1 here:

Listen to Part 2 here:

Tristan signed autographs for all on anything and everything -basketballs, shoes, to the shirts on their backs.  And the moves he showed on the floor with the Cleveland Cavaliers Dream Team…. well Tristan proved he can move more than just a basketball on the court.

To re-live the camp experience, click HERE  to view the camp pictures we took during the event:

We want to thank everyone for attending this year’s Tristan Thompson Overnight Basketball Camp. We hope to see you at next year’s camp!