Cavaliers Quiz
Who is the Cavs all-time leader in assists?
Mark Price
LeBron James
Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Cavaliers Quiz
What day did LeBron announce his notorious “The Decision” on ESPN?
July 3rd
July 8th
July 16th

Cavaliers Quiz
In what year were the Cleveland Cavaliers founded?

Cavaliers Quiz
What year was LeBron James drafted?

Cavaliers Quiz
How many Player Numbers have been retired by the Cavs?

Cavaliers Quiz
Before moving to their cleveland stadium, what city did the Cavs play in?

Cavaliers Quiz
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Cavaliers Fun Fact

The Cavs have had four Number One overall picks in the NBA Draft. (Austin Carr, Brad Daugherty, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving)

Cavaliers Fun Fact

Whammer the Cavs first mascot debuted in 1995.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

In 2011, the Cavs were the first team since 1983 to have two out of the first five draft picks.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

The Canton Charge is the D-League Affiliate of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

R&B singer, Usher, is a partial owner of the Cavs.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

The Cavs have two mascots, Moondog and Sir C.C. (Cleveland Cavalier).

Cavaliers Fun Fact

Sir C.C. is supposed to represent Dan Gilbert, owner, as a Fan of the Cavs.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

Kyrie Irving was born in Australia.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

Tristan Thompson was born in Canada and played college for University of Texas.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

Anderson Varejao was drafted by the Orlando Magic.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

Anderson Varejao won a Gold Medal in the 2003 Pan American Games.

Cavaliers Fun Fact

The Cavs have 3 Division Titles; 1976, 2009 and 2010.

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