Clippers Quiz
What year were the LA Clippers established?

Clippers Quiz
The LA Clippers had two different names and two different homes before LA,
San Diego Clippers and Vancouver Grizz
Buffalo Braves and Minneapolis Lakers
Buffalo Braves and San Diego Clippers

Clippers Quiz
In December 2011 who was signed to the Clippers in a $24 million deal?
Caron Butler
Chauncey Billups
Chris Paul

Clippers Quiz
Who bought the San Diego Clippers for $20 million, making them the LA Clipp
Donald Trump
Donald T. Sterling
Randy Lerner

Clippers Quiz
Who was the original founder of the LA Clippers?
Paul Snyder
Tom Heines
Donald Sterling

Clippers Quiz
When did Del Negro start coaching the Clippers?

Clippers Quiz
Who did head coach Vinny Del Negro coach before he came to the Clippers?
The Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics
San Antonio Spurs

Clippers Quiz
Who are the three people that the LA Clippers are affiliated with that are
James Michael McAdoo, Bill Walton, Coa
Bill Walton, Dr. Jack Ramsay, Chris Pa
Bob McAdoo, Bill Walton, and Coach Dr.

Clippers Quiz
Tired of being overshadowed by the Lakers, the Clippers drafted which highl
Eric Gordon
Blake Griffin
Lamar Odom

Clippers Quiz
In which season did the Clippers finish with a better record than the Laker

Clippers Quiz
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Clippers Fun Fact

The team wasn’t referred to as the LA Clippers until 1984.

Clippers Fun Fact

The LA Clippers are not the only NBA team based in LA, so are the LA Lakers.

Clippers Fun Fact

The Clippers play at Staples Center, which they have to share with the Lakers.

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