Oklahoma Quiz
Who is the All-Time Leading Scorer in the History of the Seattle/OKC Franch
Ray Allen
Shawn Kemp
Gary Payton

Oklahoma Quiz
What is the longest winning streak that the Thunder have ever went on?
7 games
13 games
9 games

Oklahoma Quiz
What was the Oklahoma City Thunder’s original team name?
Seattle Supersonics
Washington Bullets
Charlotte Hornets

Oklahoma Quiz
Which of these players has won the scoring title 2 years in his short caree
Serge Ibaka
Kevin Durant
Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma Quiz
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Thunder Fun Fact

Kevin Durant shows his emotional side by wearing number 35. His childhood coach and mentor Charles Craig was murdered at the age of 35.

Thunder Fun Fact

Gary Payton had more personal fouls in his career than turnovers.

Thunder Fun Fact

Kevin Durant is the youngest player in NBA History to win back-to-back scoring titles.

Thunder Fun Fact

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of four NBA teams that have a name not ending in an “S.” (Other Teams: Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, & Utah Jazz)

Thunder Fun Fact

In 2007-08. Kevin Durant became just the third teenager to average 20+ points in the NBA. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were the first two.

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