Director Girls Leagues West, Coach, Trainer

Jay Valadez

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Phone: (440) 406-2500


I have been around the game of basketball for many years, competing for 5 years at the high school and collegiate level , coaching at the high school level for 7 years, Middle School 8 years, AAU 10 years . During my coaching career, I have worked with many players of all skill levels, from the lower skilled to the College - level athlete.

I have worked with and discussed basketball concepts with all sorts of high school and college coaches and trainers, expanding my knowledge of the game and learning different methods of teaching the game to all levels of athletes.

My coaching philosophy centers on developing fundamentals on both sides of the ball offense and defense, then applying those fundamentals to the broader concepts of the team game.

It is important to teach the impacts that an individual player can have to a team game, then show that player the big picture and how their skills should translate to contributing to a successful team.

In individual skill development, I focus on building skills through fundamental drills at game speed and repetition. I encourage mistakes because that means the player is being pushed to his/her limits and getting out of his/her comfort zone.

My goal with each player is for them to gain confidence, increase skill development.

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