Program Director, Trainer, Coach

Jacob Zio

Contact Information
Phone: (727) 457-6365


Coach Jacob is one of TNBA’s newest Trainers. Born in Clearwater Florida, he played soccer growing up but also had love for basketball, and he eventually switched over to basketball around middle school and fell in love with the game. His interests away from basketball includes reading, gaming, being around family, and my faith.

High School

Coach Jacob attended 3 different high schools where he played varsity basketball. River ridge, Ridge wood and Gulf high school. His first couple of years he had a defensive role on his teams. He continued to work on his game and by his Senior year his role expanded and he would end up making third team all North Suncoast in the Tampa Bay Area, first team all district and win player of the year leading the school to their highest total win amount in fifteen plus years.

His junior year at Ridge wood high school he ran cross country, and played basketball where they made it to the regional finals for both. In their basketball season they came up short and finished with a 27-3 record, which was the best record in school history. He picked up NCAA division two, three and JUCO interest but decided to go post grad in Orlando with 4A sports academy to pursue more options.


After prep school at 4a sports academy, he signed to play NJCAA College basketball in his town at Pasco Hernando State under Coach Mike Jones and Assistant Larry Behm. In his time their they would win their regular season conference championship and then come up short and lose in the regional finals of the tournament. In his conference he averaged 13ppg and was 3rd in three point percentage shooting 40%.

His role in college would be to score and defend under coach Mike Jones. After his JUCO career he would actually transition into coaching and training due to some setbacks he dealt with. He would go on to graduate from his college with an Associates degree, and continue his academics, majoring in business.


Immediately after his college career, Coach Jacob took the head coaching job at Genesis Preparatory School for the 2022-23 season before starting to coach youth camps and leagues during the summer.

Training Philosophy

Coach Jacob wants to build a good relationship with every client, and be able to help them understand the game, develop with the proper training no matter where their starting point is, and understand all of their strengths and weaknesses.

Coach Jacob’s favorite saying is "that it’s a marathon not a sprint". He uses this quote and applies it to his daily life. “I believe my training reflects this quote, because like in life you have to consistently work on your game in order to be great not for a specific period of time but instead just keep a consistent pace. Make sure your working on the right things for your game and having good daily habits in your life and you will succeed”.

I want to give my knowledge that I’ve learned from my experience playing and being coached to inform the next generation of players.