TNBA programs are available all year. We are the biggest and the best basketball programming group in the country because our staff is dedicated to helping players excel on the court. Whether you are a beginner or an elite-level player, we have the right program for you.
We offer skill development training, camps, and clinics along with hosting leagues and tournaments in each of our markets. We also have one of the largest and most successful travel/AAU team programs.



Shane’s training is excellent. His insight and training helped me maximize my position in the draft and I continue to rely on him to improve specific parts of my game. I would encourage any player that is serious about the game to train with The National Basketball Academy.

We are the best basketball training company in the United States because we teach players how to be successful both on and off the court. We get to know our players so their training program can be tailored to help them improve in all areas of the game. Training sessions include work in the following areas:

  • Shooting
  • Ball Handling
  • Offensive Moves (for Guards and Post Players)
  • Footwork
  • Rebounding
  • Defense
  • Speed and Strength Development

We offer training for individuals, groups and teams. Want to get started? Find the The National Basketball Academy trainer near you.



Our camps are great for players of all ages and abilities. Camps include skill development, competitions, games, guest appearances and giveaways.

  • Summer Camps – NBA summer basketball camps are fun and consist of skill development drills, competitions, and games.  All participants receive a t-shirt, basketball, headband and ticket to an NBA game. The standard summer camp schedule is Monday-Friday, 9:00-2:30. Campers are encouraged to bring lunch for the break in the middle of each day.
  • Varsity Prep Camps – TNBA also offers higher-level skill camps that are best suited for experienced players. These camps include skill development and competition along with speed and strength performance training.


Stay on top of your game in TNBA clinics. We offer clinics at various times throughout the year.

  • Fall Hoopzone Clinic – The Fall Hoopzone clinic is a six-week program that meets one day per week between the months of October-December. Players compete against one another in skill development competitions and 5 on 5 games. This program is offered at multiple locations in each market.
  • Holiday Basketball Clinic – Our holiday clinic series is a fun program to break up the winter for young basketball players. Holiday clinics are typically 3-day programs, 3 hours each day. All players get a t-shirt and a ticket to an NBA game.
  • Spring Break Basketball Clinic – No plans for spring break?  Sign up for a spring break clinic where players develop skills and take part in fun competitions. Most spring break clinics are Monday-Friday, 9:00-2:30 each day and all participants receive a ticket to an NBA game!
  • Mini Dribbler Clinics – This program is for the youngsters, age K-3. The aspiring stars meet each week with our program director to work on basic basketball fundamentals and each program includes a special visit from the team’s mascot. At the end of the program, the kids get to go on the NBA team’s home floor to do the halftime performance at a game!



We run youth and adult basketball leagues. All leagues include a minimum 10-game schedule and tournament. We provide all officials and scorekeepers and can provide jerseys upon request.

  • Youth Leagues – We manage leagues for teams of all ages. Leagues feature a schedule of at least 10 games and a tournament at the end of each season. Our program directors handle all the details from creating the schedule to providing referees and scorekeepers. All you and your team have to do is show up and play.
  • Adult Leagues – If you were once a player and still have the itch to compete, gather a group of friends and sign up for an adult league near you.



Our basketball philosophy teaches kids how to play hard, disciplined basketball.  We have teams that play at all levels, from elite travel to recreational basketball.

  • Elite Travel – Our elite travel/AAU team program gives competitive players the opportunity to travel and compete in high-level tournaments. All travel teams are given uniforms, warm-ups, travel bags, and a schedule that features a minimum of 5 tournaments.
  • Recreational Teams – If you’re just a beginner or looking to simply enjoy the game, we have a team for you.



We have hosted tournaments that have attracted some of the best club programs across the country. Our staff manages and organizes host facilities, registration, referees, and scheduling.

We also organize and run Skills Competitions and 3 on 3 Tournaments.

  • Skills Competitions – Compete against other ballers in your city to find out who has the best handles, sweetest stroke, and quickest feet in a TNBA Skills Competition. These events consist of different offensive skills challenges to pit your game against other contestants.
  • 3 on 3 Tournaments – Grab a couple friends and sign up for the next TNBA 3 on 3 Tournament in your area to find out if your group is the top of the crop.


Dear Mr. Steve Vega,

This letter is long overdue... We have two sons, ages 7 & 9.

I would like to acknowledge and praise the phenomenal work that Eric Love has contributed to the National Basketball Academy. In particular, the work he established with the Mini Dribblers & Performance Day... My sons enjoyed the program tremendously, and as a parent, I was so proud to watch them perform at the Toyota Center.

Eric was wonderful throughout the entire process - from practices to (email) announcements to Game Day!

In closing, I want to thank you, Mr. Vega, for the fantastic work you are doing.

Keep up the great work!

Samuel Kiteka

... My son Hans Wittenberg just completed a fantastic week at the Eagle Denver Nuggets Basketball camp. I wanted to email you to let you know what a great job “Big Coach Marcus” and “Little Coach Marcus” did with the kids. Hans was just elated every day to go back to camp and whenever I was picking up or dropping off, the guys were super nice, polite, professional, patient and engaging with the kids.

... I just wanted to write to let you know what a great job these young men did. They represented your organization well.

...Thanks for giving my son a great week with your program. Well done!

All the best,
Kris Wittenberg

Coach (Vega) I just wanna say thank you for the best 6 years of my life playing for TNBA. I'll never forget the knowledge I've learned and the experience I picked up. Truly a blessing in my life playing for you. Thanks!

Andrew Ohara

I went to this one camp at the Aurora High School and it was Great! Shane was there and he taught me a lot. He made us make a basketball journal and I did. I tried to keep it up to date as much as possible. My goal was to make and start on the seventh grade basketball team, I DID! I give Shane a lot of credit.

Ray Cheselka,
Seventh Grade Basketball Starter

Shane's training is excellent. He really understands the game of basketball and is able to relate it in a pleasant and understandable way. His insight and training helped me maximize my position in the draft and I continue to rely on him to improve specific parts of my game . I would encourage any player who is serious about his game to Train with Shane!

2002 NBA 7th pick

I want to thank you so much. My daughter commuted to the overnight camp last year and she learned so much. She went from riding the bench to seeing playing time in every game this season! Thank you so much for helping her and for making the camp so fun.

Patty West, Parent

LaVelle Jr. had is first game on Saturday, against Bedford High School and his play on the court was very good. He contributes his success to you and Shane. The individual lessons gave him the confidence that he needed to perform well on the court. We both look forward to continuing our partnership next summer in preparation for his senior year. Thank you both for a job well done.

LaVelle A. Blackwell Sr.